Sunday, October 4, 2009

More recent work

Here are some frames from recent freelancing I was lucky enough to get in this very lean Summer of few storyboard jobs:

Do you want to talk about NIGHTMARE jobs? Do you want to talk about the seventh level of storyboarding HELL??!! This was one of many more like it done at top speed, for a hi-res animatic, using 3D backgrounds I had to paint up, while I had a bayonet pointed at my guts... (okay, I made up part of that - the client was fairly cool)...

Various jobs, at various levels of finish. I continue to try different ways of toning the boards digitally, when I have time.

This kind of drawing teaches you that, YES, you are a commercial artist. So I guess try to enjoy the ride... I was thinking of Toth as I attempted to simplify everything.

Here I was trying to simplify a complex composition with a simple value arrangement. I spent way less time on the actual drawing than the tones. It passes the squint test, but this had the typical curse of a live action storyboard drawing: it needed to show a complex progressive practical effect, which reveals a VFX shot; we pan to show the windows blowing, one after another, to reveal the background, THEN reveal the Heros fleeing through THAT BG as the far windows blow.

I have never shown any storyboards before the film comes out, but this one is out next week, and I didn't get any artwork into the "making-of" book, so here is a page from a xerox. They didn't all look this nice, but it was a great job to work on!