Friday, September 24, 2010

Back in Black

Well, I have badly neglected this poor sketchblog, but the good news is that the last post did get me hired on Spielberg's new film Warhorse. So I spent a few months being forced to draw horses from my head! I can't show any of that work, but here are several horses in ink. Some from my head, a few I copied from Toth or Kubert.

I really want to learn how to ink better, and use stronger blacks in my drawings. My friend Mike Vosburg talked me into trying out the Noel Sickles technique of spotting the blacks first, then finish with as few lines as possible.

Mike drew this at lunch in about 30 seconds, directly with an old sharpee!

Some of these I inked with just a double tipped sharpee. Some with a chinese inkdrush I got for cheap -- probably at Kunikoya (sp?) bookstore in Japantown, downtown Los Angeles.

Copied these from Toth's Zorro, I think.