Friday, June 26, 2009

Recent Freelancing

Here, in no particular order, are random images from several jobs I've done in the past year - these days everything is top secret, so I can't post whole sequences online until the film is released - often a year or two after I work on it.
Bummer, because I now work 100% digitally, but my website samples are still all my old analogue stuff.
So these are some of the recent storyboard frames that I like. They are done at various levels of finish, but they all represent very sticky problems that I solved - story problems, deadline problems, presentation problems, location problems:
(which way does 5th Ave. run? Can we actually get this shot?),
logistical problems:
(which is tank work? Or 2nd unit, green screen, etc. to help the A. D.'s schedule?), ambiguous problems:
(do they really need boards, or a scatter shot of loose concepts presented well?)
- It has been a busy year, and I've been very lucky to have worked with pretty much all cool, talented people. You know who you are ;)

This idea is actually from my friend Doug Lefler - one of his many story ideas. He is an idea machine!

Actually this one is old, but I threw it in for variety...

This was the final shot of a music video I struggled through in one day (how did I do so many of these in years past...?)

This kind of VFX board can only be done digitally in my opinion - I like finding some elegant cartoon line for an effect like this billowing sand, but that won't help the 3d modelers or animators, so I do more images like this these days.

Scanned from my sketchbook on the weekend as I couldn't stop cooking up shots - mostly I end up not using them, but I like this one.

Forcing myself to thumbnail shots using a full range of values. Wish I'd done more of it earlier in my career.

I'm self taught, and TV commercials were my art school, for better or for worse. I did another one recently and it was really hard! How did I do this for so many years? Harder than it looks...

Photoshoping fun- didn't have to draw a thing!

Digital work.