Sunday, April 19, 2009

Painter Fun

I have a love / hate relationship with Painter, but I finally got smart and used it for what it is good for, then went right back into Photoshop. This is the most fun I've had doing 100% digital art!


  1. Nice piece! I was just wondering what the best way to create a drybrush look on the computer. You seem to have gotten a handle on both that and a "wet into wet" watercolor feel as well.

  2. Thanks Benton- well, Painter can't actually do this-- maddening! So I found a work around. Liquid Ink has the shape of a real brush, but the ink is opaque. Then I bring it into Photoshop and I dodge and burn, and smear and blur. Then of course make the layer multiply. Doug Lefler and I were just discussing the composition & perspective problems. I may redo this. I slapped it together very unplanned, then started noodling it once I liked it more & more...

  3. great piece. can you make a dry brush in photoshop that will match the texture you get with the dodge and burn? to give something this texture, i usually print my digital drawing on toothy paper, and go over it with a crayon....then scan it back in. i'm lame.