Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Watching the election results last night was an AMAZING experience! I'd planned on doing more voting sketches, but the line was not that long.

It was my patriotic duty to draw exactly what I saw as I waited in line to vote.

This fish has nothing to do with the election.


  1. Fantastic sketches -- I especially love that top one, wow. I can't believe the number of sketches you've posted here recently, really wonderful.

  2. Thanks Anthony- many of them are a sort of "Best of 2007" - so it looks like I'm just doing consistently good work! I wanted to start my sketchblog off with a lot of good work so that I'd feel obligated to keep sketching and posting regularly. But if I slack off, I still have some good stuff from last year!

  3. Great sketches. I love your light touch with color. I'm so heavy-handed with color as a rule.

    And, I'm sure the fish was very concerned about the election.