Friday, October 31, 2008


My 5 year old finally convinced me to dress up for Halloween for the first time in 15 years! Then she demanded I make a drawing of it beforehand -at first we were drawing this together, then, as I realized it was turning out better & better, I sort of took it over. The better the drawing got, the more pissed off she got that I was trying to distract her into coloring something else. But I made up for it by letting her draw with impunity in my big sketchbook. Such drama!

This is an old page, but I like it. I think it is mostly me copying from the newspaper or magazines, but some is outta my head. Frazetta fans will spot something I pulled from deep in my memory bank and didn't even realize it ...

Early on a show, trying to warm up at home before I have to jump in.

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  1. I love this Josh! I want to see the finished costume now!