Friday, February 13, 2009

I try to get to life drawing workshops when I can. It often reminds my how shaky my anatomical knowledge is, so every once in a while I copy from my books. The color keeps it interesting...

I wish I'd gotten my head around this stuff a long time ago...

Trying to get my head around a motorcycle I had to draw. This was when I first started working 100% digitally on the Cintiq, using Painter. Now I use photoshop, but I still love / hate Painter! I keep going back to it.

I do better when I give in to cartooning, instead of trying to draw more accurately. Gotta remember that.

I was fooling around with Painter and somehow got the idea to draw my friend Gerald Forton from memory. I really like cartooning and getting a likeness if I can, but it only happens once in a while.