Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Guys at Work

We have these long video conferences with New Zealand, and sometimes it takes several minutes to reconnect, blah, blah, blah. I've always wished I could do some kind of reportage type sketches - capturing the essence of a scene- I do my best while we are all waiting around...

Despite all the finished drawings here on my blog, most pages in my work sketchbook look like this. I was following the director on an endless tech scout - in and out of vans and locations - when he finally started rattling off shots in the middle of a construction site - glad I had my sketchbook.

I was going to photoshop only the good head drawings together onto one page, but since this is an election year, I'm going with honesty. I don't like some of these, because they are not likenesses, or good drawings. But I stand by the few that are likenesses. My friends, you should elect me because... -- oh, all right, I used Photoshop here and there. But seriously, I like working with these guys.

Gerardo, sorry I made you look Spock in two drawings!


  1. I like the back of my head!

  2. That's cool. Wow I didn't know I can look like I was really concentrating on something. Thanks for making me look smart...hahaha