Thursday, October 30, 2008

TV Sketches

So, these first two pages aren't very exciting, but someone at work was asking how I learned to draw the clothed figure. These little doodles from TV are part of it. Whether from life or TV, I find it pretty easy to only try to remember a small part of a moving figure, then jot it down. Gotta get something constructive from that idiot box!

Early on, I looked at the seven fold types in Bridgeman, but it didn't help me that much - mostly because I was still struggling with basic figure drawing. Once I realized that I'm actually a cartoonist, not a painter, (who actually would have to show all seven fold types), drawing drapery got easier. I started paying attention to seams, and trying to explain a fold with only 3 or 4 lines. Also, I thankfully found Toth, and the Famous Artist Course. There is a great book on drawing the clothed figure: Drawing People. Don't hesitate to buy it - amazingly, there is no other book out there like it.

These are from last year. I like them, but I wish I could nail a gesture drawing, like the animation artists.

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